Ways to Provide Feedback on Student Videos

Credit: iStock.com/fizkes
Credit: iStock.com/fizkes
The first thing that nearly all NFL players do the day after a game is watch film of their performance. Video provides an outside perspective that shows them things they would not be able to see from their own perspective. For instance, after a couple of subpar years (by his standards), Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers “scouted himself” by watching film of his play over the years. In doing so, he noticed a small problem in his throwing motion that he acquired while compensating for an injury. This allowed him to fix the problem and transform his game.

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  1. The author states: Learning management systems are not designed for giving feedback on videos.
    This is not exactly true.
    If your institution uses Canvas and has adopted Canvas Studio – which is an internal tool that allows students to create video assignments while they are in Canvas (they don’t need another video capture product) than the instructor can create an assignment that calls for students to upload their video (all part of the Studio tool) to the gradebook. Then it is easy for the instructor to view the video directly in the gradebook, stop the video at any point to add comments, and then grade the video assignment within the LMS. It works great and is a big time saver for students and instructors.

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