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The Teaching Professor

active learning in the online classroom
brief writing exercises
creating better online videos to boost student learning
Getting Students to Do the Work: Regular, Ongoing, In-class Review
surviving negative course evaluations
getting students to do the reading
digital literacy skills
making connections in teaching
study strategy research
Appreciative close: creating classroom community
building transparency into assignments
Memo to Students Re Studying
study strategies that support student learning

How Can the Three C’s of Course Design Enhance Students’ Online Performance?

This 20-Minute Mentor explores innovative yet practical online course design ideas that improve student success rates and increase retention. It all comes down to consistency, creativity, and community. Watch Now »

Four Horsemen of the Teaching Apocalypse
why do students resist active learning?
what's holding back good teaching
Online Classroom
active learning in the online classroom


“Students’ success as learners would advance if they had a larger repertoire of study strategies, if they could match study strategies with learning tasks, and if they constructively confronted how they studied with how they performed.”