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The Teaching Professor

Two female professors, one older and one younger, review material on a computer screen
A hardworking student in a coffee shop reflects on his learning
Diverse group of four students working on a project
Excited student pumps her fist as she takes a quiz on her phone
Students engaged in small group discussion in a lecture hall
"Evaluate" key on the computer keyboard, three-dimensional rendering
Over-the-shoulder view of a female professor lecturing to an auditorium
A student sitting cross-legged on a picnic blanket reads a letter on her smartphone
A Web-Based System for Improving Student Teamwork
An Innovative Assignment for Nursing Students
how students study
Learning logs are records of student learning or insights that grow out of personal reflection, or both
online learning - formative assessment
Screenshot of Maryellen Weimer

How Can Promoting Academic Integrity Improve Learning Outcomes for Students?

This 20-minute session will teach you expert strategies to help students learn with integrity, allowing them to pursue understanding, learn from failures, and continue learning for life. Watch Now »

lessons from a retiring professor
negative course evaluations
A teacher in front of a classroom
Online Classroom
A hardworking student in a coffee shop reflects on his learning


"Education should be more about cultivating creativity than conformity. . . . we also need to leave a small space that allows for and values individual expression."