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The Teaching Professor

study strategies that support student learning
why do we ask questions in class
OER textbooks - faculty adoption
tempted to cheat - take the zero
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taking notes on the reading
responding to teacher feedback
benefits of peer feedback
online learning tools - Softchalk
unpacking the critical thinking conundrum

What Are Five Methods that Help Students Become More Effective Learners?

Led by Maryellen Weimer, this 20-Minute Mentor showcases the characteristics of effective learners and the instructional strategies teachers can use to help students develop the learning skills they need to succeed in college and in life. Watch Now »

decoding expertise
participation policies for college classroom
Memo to Students Re Studying
Online Classroom
online learning tools - Softchalk


“When it comes to classroom discussion, the big challenge for teachers is figuring out how much structure is enough, but not too much, so that we can move the discussion where it needs to go while still allowing it to go elsewhere.”