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February 2024

Inclusive Teaching

Less Is More: Slowing Down to Uncover Depth in Teaching
Chat GPT on Campus One Year Out: A View from the Faculty
AI Tutoring Tools for Improving Learning
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The first summer job I ever had was mowing lawns. Back then (this was the ’70s), I would start the power mower, and the blade kept spinning until

Current global events, including a rise in nationalistic rhetoric, have put pressure on faculty from all disciplines to be able to facilitate discussions without disenfranchising or excluding any

Many years ago my wife sat in on one of my face-to-face classes to observe my teaching. I was surprised to hear about things I did not know

What’s the cringiest word in higher ed? Lecture? Nuh-uh. Engagement? Nah. Assessment? Nope.

I have been spouting off for over two decades in my general education (GE) courses that learning STEM helps students increase their earning potential, well-roundedness, and satisfaction from
As an undergraduate I didn’t reflect on my learning. I did what I needed to pass my classes but never thought about how I was growing my knowledge
Detail of an Edward Burne-Jones image titled "The Story of Pygmalion—II. The Hand Refrains."
You form an impression of a student within five seconds of seeing them. This impression is likely to stick  even after you interact with them for a while
Close-up of a woman's hand cupping her ear
"If we weigh our educational systems in terms of communication instruction, we find that almost all of the formal attention is given to teaching reading and writing, some
We associate artificial intelligence with text-generating systems like ChatGPT. But AI can also produce content in a variety of digital formats, including images, videos, and audio. These tools

“To understand students’ voices, we must recognize and understand our own. This is to say, our accrued experiences from personal and social histories matter to how our relationships with our students develop. If we ignore this context, we can fail to see how we are contributing to socially disconnected classroom environments.”

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