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April 2024

Teaching with Technology

Are We Too Jaded for Gratitude?

April 8, 2024 | By Nichole DeWall

Two Ways AI Can Support Student Success in Online Courses
Teaching Self-Regulated Learning: Two Methods
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Barely a day goes by without the latest invitation to a seminar on artificial intelligence or some handwaving about how AI could end the world as we know
For me, the move from in-person teaching to asynchronous online teaching took place over decades, but it still presented a challenge that threatened fundamental aspects of my identity
Feeling stressed, worn down, or burned out? If so, you’re far from alone. According to a February 2023 survey of more than 900 faculty, many are often or always

“AI is not a straightforwardly good thing for education. It is not a neutral tool that we can look forward to transforming our classrooms, schools and universities over the next few years. Instead, the very idea of AI is something that needs to be extensively scrutinised, challenged and questioned by those who make decisions that affect education, and those who work in the field of education. The future of AI in education is perhaps best approached as a struggle—as something to be contested rather than a fait accompli, something to be taken as given. . . . [as] a problematic to be investigated rather than a problem to be solved.”

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