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Examining the role of empathy in course design
model for adding simulations in teaching
Providing feedback
teaching critical thinking
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benefits of study groups
feedback literacy
Improve Your Online Course with Pre-Entry Information
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Lolita Paff: 20 Minute Mentor

How Can I Manage the Disconnect Between Faculty and Student Perceptions of Rigor to Increase Learning?

Students and teachers don’t always define rigor in the same way. If you asked your students to define rigor, what would they say? Would their answers match yours? Would it matter if they didn’t? Watch Now »

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creating climate for learning
why reading quizzes work
Online Classroom
model for adding simulations in teaching


“Students’ success as learners would advance if they had a larger repertoire of study strategies, if they could match study strategies with learning tasks, and if they constructively confronted how they studied with how they performed.”