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May 2024

Ending Your Course

Making Connections in Online Classes
Learning from Learners: Student Use of AI
AI Study Aids for Improved Learning
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On July 20, 2007, millions of people around the world were filled with a mix of anticipation and trepidation. What was the cause? The seventh and final book
Most professional program curricula focus on the required specialized knowledge and skills to meet the profession’s needs. Yet graduates need more than subject matter competencies to meet the
There are now AI resources to help instructors through all steps of lesson development, from crafting lesson outlines with ChatGPT to creating assessments with QuestionWell. Now Diffit has
Need some advice about getting along with coworkers? Try your children’s bookshelves. Here’s what I learned from my kid’s favorites.
PNC Bank recently rolled out a national ad campaign touting the virtues of boring money management. Rather than chasing after high-risk cryptocurrencies or the latest meme stock, the
Many of us would like to assume that students who complete an assigned reading must thereby understand it. But students often get far less out of a reading

Writers often evoke movies to describe the threats posed by artificial intelligence. Although AI has been around in many of the products we have used for some time,

In Rasselas, Samuel Johnson’s philosopher Imlac offers the following bleak assessment of life: “Human life is every where [sic] a state in which much is to be endured,

Most instructors breathe an inner sigh when they see a roomful of students on laptops in their classroom. Students say that they are taking notes, but we know

“I use my last class to celebrate the shared humanity of our classroom community. There is no hiding behind platitudes. Students speak and tell their stories of failure, hope, gratitude, and intention. With the final sounding of the bell, I ring students out into the world, not as an assembly of letter grades, but as beings of intellect, heart, and spirit.”

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