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Founded in 1987 as a monthly newsletter, The Teaching Professor has a simple goal in mind: to help college faculty improve students’ learning. Over the years, the publication has served as a trusted guide for tens of thousands of educators who teach in a wide range of disciplines, across modalities, and at all kinds of higher ed institutions.

SIPA and APEX award winner

Now published weekly online, The Teaching Professor offers readers thoughtful advice on a wealth of critical topics, including

  • planning and designing courses;
  • promoting academic integrity;
  • increasing student engagement;
  • responding to course evaluations and feedback;
  • dealing with difficult students; and
  • developing effective activities and assignments.

More than that, The Teaching Professor keeps its subscription platform stocked with a variety of special features and resources:

  • Regular columns from college teaching and learning experts Stephen L. Chew, Nichole DeWall, Regan A. R. Gurung, and Mays Imad
  • The archives of For Those Who Teach, the long-running weekly column from Maryellen Weimer, The Teaching Professor‘s founding editor and its lead writer from 1987 to 2022
  • In-depth article series and features—titled Explorations—on key teaching and learning topics
  • Specially formatted Resource Collections, among them downloadable handouts for students, discussion guides for faculty reading groups, and breakdowns of noteworthy teaching and learning studies that have practical implications for faculty

In short, The Teaching Professor aims to be the go-to resource for faculty who wish to improve learning.

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