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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The Teaching Professor reflects the changing needs of today’s college faculty and the students they teach. It aims to keep readers informed of pedagogically sound techniques, new ideas, strategies that work, and pragmatic approaches for enhancing student learning and improving instructional effectiveness, regardless of teaching modality or academic discipline.

The Teaching Professor welcomes article submissions on a wide range of teaching and learning topics. Please review the following guidelines to improve your chance of acceptance. Currently, the publication accepts about one in four submissions.

Submission tips:

  • Write directly to the audience, remembering that this is an online publication read by your peers. The tone should be conversational yet professional, scholarly, and free of disciplinary jargon.
  • The audience includes faculty in a wide range of disciplines, teaching different kinds of courses, and at various types of institutions. Therefore, your article must be relevant and applicable to a significant percentage of our readers.
  • Keep the article short—generally between 800 and 1,600 words. Please reference only key sources. A comprehensive review of the literature is not necessary. Focus on sources that interested readers might want to review. Provide links when applicable.
  • Articles should relate to one or more of the topic categories found in the drop-down menu at the top of our homepage. Please identify the category that is the best fit for your article and note it in your submission.
  • Most accepted articles provide practical, actionable advice to help college faculty improve their teaching, boost student learning, reflect on what’s occurring in the classroom, and make informed decisions about their teaching practice. But other kinds of articles are welcome—thoughtful personal narratives, essays that explore controversial issues or raise questions about current practices, responses to articles published previously in the newsletter, reading lists, and teaching tools (e.g., checklists, rubrics, and surveys).
  • Don’t rule out writing for The Teaching Professor if you aren’t a well-known or widely published author. Many submissions come from first-time authors. Don’t downplay the relevance and usefulness of techniques, strategies, approaches, and assignments that you’ve developed and that would be of interest to other teachers. The Teaching Professor prides itself on being a place where teachers learn from and with each other. That said, articles that could be summed up as “I tried this once and students seemed to like it” won’t find a place in the publication.
  • Articles should not have been registered for copyright or published elsewhere (either on paper or electronically) prior to publication in The Teaching Professor.

Once you’ve written your article, please email it as a Word doc to Jon Crylen at jon.crylen@magnapubs.com. Keep in mind that we will not review manuscripts under consideration elsewhere.

Please include a brief bio (not your entire CV) with your submission. The review process usually takes about five weeks.