Classroom Climate

Why Students Cheat—and How We Can Change This Behavior

Academic integrity is one of the most critical aspects of education. Despite this, students’ ability to cheat is still a prevalent concern to educators and academic institutions. Academic cheating will be effectively addressed only with the understanding and reasons that motivate students to indulge in

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Establishing Class Norms That Promote Learning

In 1936, psychologist Muzafer Sherif reported a landmark study on the creation of social norms. Sherif made use of an optical illusion called the autokinetic effect. When people view a stationary pinpoint of light in a dark environment, they will perceive the light to move

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Building Relationships to Better Motivate Students

You know the feeling. We all deal with it.

Walking into a classroom the first day of a new semester, you’re thinking about it all: What are going to be the first words out of my mouth? What are these students thinking about right now? Should

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Practical Strategies for Excellent Classroom Discussions

Current global events, including a rise in nationalistic rhetoric, have put pressure on faculty from all disciplines to be able to facilitate discussions without disenfranchising or excluding any students. I’ve been teaching discussion-based courses for 25 years, and my own methods have evolved and grown,

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