Blended and Flipped

A Flipped Method for Assigning Readings

Evidence shows what many faculty already know: that many students are not doing the assigned readings for their classes. The numbers are striking. Today’s college student spends an average of six to seven hours per week on assigned readings, down from 24 hours in

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Flip the First Day

It’s almost impossible to read blogs, articles, even books on teaching without seeing a multitude of suggestions for not “wasting” the first day of class by covering the syllabus, course schedule, class rules and routines, and the like. I’ve even written one myself (Brown, 2009).

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Hyflex model gives students choices

The HyFlex Approach to Blended Learning

Many, if not most, college students work part- or full-time jobs while going to school. They often find it difficult to be at a specific place at a specific time a number of times a week to attend their courses, and as a result often

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Engagement Activities for Blended and Online Learning

Informal Assessment Activities for Blended and Online Courses

Chances are you have a Learning Management System (LMS) like Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle at your school. But how do you use it? The findings from a recent survey by Pomerantz, Brown, and Brooks (2018) of U.S. learning institutions are rather alarming. Despite the

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blended and flipped

Don’t Just Flip—Unplug

In his book Teaching Naked, Jose Bowen challenges us to rethink the role of technology in our courses and be more intentional about when we use it, why we use it, and what our students do with it. Bowen (2012) explains, “Technology is most powerfully

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Flipped Learning Mistakes

“Flipped learning” has become a hot catchphrase in education circles as of late, with many faculty members feeling the pressure to flip their courses to escape the drawbacks of the traditional “stand and deliver” model of teaching. The flipped learning model takes the traditional in-class

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Flipped Classroom Approach

More Analysis of the Flipped Classroom Approach

The idea of “flipping” what happens inside and outside of the classroom has gained popularity quickly and is already an approach known to most faculty and used by many. Claims for its effectiveness were touted initially without much research, but studies on the approach are

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