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Failing Forward in Online Education: A Reflective Journey

For me, the move from in-person teaching to asynchronous online teaching took place over decades, but it still presented a challenge that threatened fundamental aspects of my identity as an educator: the dynamic exchange of energy between me and my students and the importance of

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Why Teachers Are Switching to the FigJam Whiteboard

Traditional slide decks for hosting content in live videoconferences have the major drawback that the content is static and fixed ahead of time. Students can only watch passively and respond through the chat box on the side, and their comments are easy to miss if

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Beyond Text: AI Tools for Making Images, Videos, Audio, and Study Aids

We associate artificial intelligence with text-generating systems like ChatGPT. But AI can also produce content in a variety of digital formats, including images, videos, and audio. These tools allow instructors and instructional designers to create custom content that enriches their online courses without high-level technical

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Audio and Video Content Made Easy with Descript

As widely used communications media, videos and podcasts should be at the heart of any online class. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to make mistake-free videos and podcasts—at least if you speak off the cuff, as people who make a lot of

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There Is Still a Place for Oral Exams in Education

While written assessments are the most common tool for measuring learning today, the earliest form of assessment was oral. The Socratic dialectic used by the ancient Greeks, and still used today in Oxford’s tutorial system, combined learning and assessments through a conversation with the student.

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Upgrading Your Online Syllabus

Technology has allowed online educators to upgrade their teaching material from pages of text to media formats with images, videos, and interactions. But the syllabus generally remains a text-only document. Now some educators are working to bring the syllabus in line with the rest of

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What Types of Teaching Presence Do Online Students Value?

“Presence” has become a major buzzword in online teaching circles. Authors and speakers repeatedly champion methods and technologies meant to improve instructor presence in the online classroom. But what types of activities best improve instructor presence in students’ eyes, and what do they value? Sharon

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Save Time and Boost Learning with a Teaching Toolbox

Feedback on performance has proven to be one of the most important influences on learning, but students consistently report that they want and need far more feedback than they get from their instructors (Hattie & Zierer, 2019). One of the main reasons for this relates

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