upcoming themes and deadlines

April 2024: Teaching and learning with technology

Potential topics

  • What the teaching and learning research says about educational technologies’ effectiveness
  • Appreciations or reconsiderations of old or obsolete classroom technologies
  • Equity/accessibility and ed tech
  • Unusual or against-the-grain uses of familiar technology tools
  • Avenues of learning both opened up and foreclosed by educational technologies

May 2024: Ending a course (deadline March 22)

Potential topics

  • Last-day-of-class activities
  • Planning/designing the home stretch of a course
  • Managing end-of-term stress, fatigue, etc. (your own and students’)
  • Strategies for keeping students engaged and interested as summer (or graduation) approaches
  • Bringing closure to an unsuccessful course

June 2024: Professional growth (deadline April 19)

Potential topics

  • How generative AI has shaped how you approach teaching
  • Teaching failures and how to grow from them
  • The challenge of unlearning ineffective teaching practices
  • Overcoming the expert blind spot
  • New perspectives on student evaluations of teaching
  • Your own learning experiences (in school or otherwise) and how these inform your understanding of your students’ learning

July 2024: Why we teach (deadline May 17)

We invite personal reflections on what keeps you committed to the work of teaching in the face of both professional and personal challenges and big-picture issues that may leave you questioning the value of that work. Some possible considerations:

  • The purpose of a college education at this historical juncture (e.g., in the face of the climate crisis, ongoing wars, rising authoritarianism, political attacks on and declining public support for higher education, the general state of the world)
  • Professional purpose—how it’s changed over your career, how you’ve renewed it when it has waned
  • Teaching challenges in the wake of the pandemic (e.g., decreased student preparedness and motivation to learn)
  • Sources of inspiration, whether familiar or unexpected

August 2024: Preparing to teach (deadline June 14)

Potential topics

  • Crafting an effective syllabus
  • Redesigning assignments, assessments, and other components of a course you’ve previously taught
  • Building relationships/rapport early in the term
  • First-day-of-class activities that set the tone for learning
  • Preparing to teach a course that’s new, not your favorite, or outside your comfort zone

September 2024: Group work (deadline July 15)

Details forthcoming.


October 2024: Grading and feedback (deadline August 16)

Details forthcoming.

November 2024: Student Success (deadline September 16)

Details forthcoming. 


Please carefully review our submission guidelines if you’re considering writing on an upcoming theme. Should you have questions about themes or suitable topics, contact The Teaching Professor‘s managing editor, Jon Crylen (jon.crylen@magnapubs.com)


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