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Mixed-Reality Virtual Simulation: Where Should You Start?

Teaching with Technology

Mixed-Reality Virtual Simulation: Where Should You Start?

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Recently, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) and Mursion, a well-known commercial vendor for virtual reality training, forged a new partnership in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (AACTE, 2020). The pandemic has driven this kind of mixed-reality virtual simulation into the spotlight, although its use was already emerging in the field of teacher education (Dieker et al., 2014; Dieker et al., 2015). Mursion, formerly known as TeachLivE, is one such technology that uses a virtual environment to provide a sandbox for learners to safely experiment and practice skills they are acquiring or refining. This virtual environment is obviously beneficial for teacher preparation programs as limitations on in-person field experiences are limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. Students can continue working through their programs as well as gain valuable practice with real-life scenarios through the virtual simulations.

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