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Using End-of-Course Ratings to Improve Instruction

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Using End-of-Course Ratings to Improve Instruction

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Why this article is worth discussing: For those interested in using course evaluation results to improve teaching, this article offers a set of evidence-based recommendations—clearly described and supported with multiple references. The review focuses exclusively on using end-of-course evaluation results for improvement purposes. It covers features of evaluations that generate good data, interpretation of the results, and development of action plans. It recognizes but does not consider evaluations’ use in the promotion and tenure process. By contrast, most reviews are more broadly based and not as pragmatic. The article is also worth discussing because research results indicate that end-of-course ratings tend to remain stable, meaning their regular use automatically improves teaching. End-of-course ratings can increase instructional effectiveness; this article proposes a logical, sensible way of achieving that goal.

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