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A University Professor Teaches in the K-12 Classroom

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A University Professor Teaches in the K-12 Classroom

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Professor Teaches in the K-12 Classroom
During my recent sabbatical, I had the unique opportunity to teach full-day sessions for 14 weeks in two different K-12 settings. Here's how that happened. I decided to propose this unique sabbatical project because my students regularly asked me about the clinical experience phase of the university's library science program. The prospect of taking PRAXIS exams (two are required for library science certification) in a testing center and completing background checks and required Pennsylvania Department of Education paperwork were all student stressors. And although those of us teaching in the program can explain and mentor student teaching experiences in a library setting, our students knew very well that most of us had done our student teaching many years prior. Since then, the overall process has evolved to include complications such as required certification tests, background checks, fingerprints, and such. More to the point, I wanted to actually live the experience as a student might.

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