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Checklist to Evaluate Faculty Presence in an Existing Class


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▢   Do you reach out to students first before the semester begins? ▢   Do you send a welcome email outside the course, perhaps to college email or another email provided by the student? ▢   Do you post a welcome message for students inside the course? ▢   Do you use an enthusiastic, encouraging tone in early correspondence? ▢   Do you offer collective feedback to inform the class as a whole about their progress at regular intervals? ▢   Do you follow up outside of regular grading to connect with students? ▢   Do you intervene with communication when a student stalls out or seems to be struggling or absent from the class? ▢   Does the course content connect with life outside the classroom—for you or for them? Is the relevance apparent? ▢   Do you offer an end cap to the course? ▢   Do you use a positive, supportive tone in your final correspondence? For more on instructor presence, read Brainstorming Questionnaire for Designing or Improving a Course with Increased Faculty Presence.

Excerpted from the supplemental materials of the 20-Minute Mentor titled How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence? (2016)