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Intuition and Online Teaching: The Story of the Sunday Update

Online Learning Teaching Strategies and Techniques

Intuition and Online Teaching: The Story of the Sunday Update

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When I began teaching just about 30 years ago, the classroom norm was chalk and chalkboard. Not a computer in sight! Over the decades, I have learned to use courseware and various digital applications, augmenting my once wholly analog approach to teaching step-by-step with digital tools. Until recently, however, I had never actually taught entirely “online.” Truthfully, I did not consider myself qualified to do so. Nonetheless, in March 2020, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, I (like educators far and wide) suddenly had to learn to teach online and use digital tools such as VoiceThread and Zoom in less than a week. I had never even heard of either of these tools! Further, I did not know how to plan or execute a curriculum online. Until that fateful month, I had been a face-to-face teacher for my entire career.

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