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HyFlex Teaching: An Overview

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HyFlex Teaching: An Overview

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The HyFlex teaching model has drawn considerable attention recently as an alternative to the online, face-to-face, and hybrid teaching models. A HyFlex course is offered both face-to-face and online at once. But instead of dividing course activities between the two modes, as a hybrid course does, a HyFlex course offers all the activities in both modes and allows students to choose which mode they would like to use. Students can even go back and forth between modes during the course. Brian Beatty (2020) notes that there are two ways to implement HyFlex teaching. The first, remote viewing, involves broadcasting the face-to-face session to students not in attendance. In the second, dual tracks, a traditional online course is run simultaneously with a live course. Below I examine both forms of HyFlex, the challenges with each, and how to implement them during the pandemic.

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