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Have We Learned Everything the Pandemic Has to Teach Us?

I know two faculty members who are top-of-the-line teachers. I’ve seen them teach and interviewed students in their courses. They are two of the best. Even so, both struggled mightily with online teaching during the pandemic. “For me,” one of them reported, “online teaching demands

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Using E-Portfolios in Virtual Study Abroad Programs

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions have restructured their study abroad programs to make them virtual. Students stay “in country” but do a variety of activities to learn about their country of study, such as view expert speakers, engage in virtual

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Teaching a Nursing Lab Online

Labs are a common component in nursing courses. In our health assessment course at York University, students attend a two-hour lecture followed a two-hour lab, where they put into practice the concepts covered in the lecture. The lab rooms are set up like healthcare facilities,

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App Smashing for Virtual Presentations

With the pandemic came a flurry of faculty quickly moving their courses online. The question I heard most during this time was, How can I move my students’ presentations online? Most faculty chose to have students do live video presentations with a system such as

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The Magic of Synchrony in Coping with Remote Learning

As fall 2020 draws to a close, the reactions to remote learning are reverberating loudly. They include not only outrage and despondency but also gratefulness and appreciation. Student surveys taking the pulse of learning experiences look very much like the evaluations of teaching we in

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Adapting for 2021: A Student’s Guide

Dear Student,

Fall 2020 is in the books. How did it go?

Few residential students looked forward to the thought of another term of remote learning or socially distanced face-to-face classes. It is just not the same thing taking a class scattered around a large

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