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Too Much Content

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Too Much Content

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Long careers provide opportunities to look back, and I found myself doing a bit of that of late. It’s not so much to reflect on what I’ve learned as what I still don’t know. What still puzzles me about teaching and learning? What remains unanswered, important but not yet resolved? For the most part it’s been a good exercise, but I’ve gotten frustrated, agitated, even a little angry about several things and one of them is content. Our thinking about it is all wrong.

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  1. Mike Gray May 7, 2019

    Part of the problem is our willingness to accept the label “content.” Content is amorphous and imprecise. Brains are built to conceptualize and to link concepts into powerful explanatory networks of principles. Change content to concepts in this article and see how it sharpens the discussion and points to a solution.

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