Evaluation and Feedback

Course Evaluations as a Tool for Growth

I remember my first year as a tenure-track professor as a nightmare. For reasons I won’t belabor, my teaching stunk. During class, my face was red and hot with humiliation as I fumbled through the content. During lectures, I prayed that no one would ask

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Gauge with needle pointing to "very bad," indicating poor student evaluations

My Worst Student Ratings Ever

A year ago I received the worst student ratings of instruction (SRIs) in my 28 years of teaching. On the Likert scale I am normally between 4 and 5 for quality of instructor and quality of the course. Last year, however, my fall term ratings

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surviving negative course evaluations

Surviving Student (dis)Satisfaction Surveys

Just in time to thwart any attempts at starting to unwind and enjoy a well-deserved break from another brutal academic year, automated results of the Student Course Satisfaction Surveys (aka evaluations) arrive in my inbox demanding attention.

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The Future of Teaching

The Future of Teaching

Who knows what it might be? At this point no one can say for sure. However, it’s a pretty good bet it won’t be the same. Some scholars, Michael Wertheimer and William Woody among them, propose dramatic changes for the future professoriate. They base their

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mid-semester feedback

A Collaborative Midterm Student Evaluation

Can students collaborate on the feedback they provide faculty? How would that kind of input be collected? Both are legitimate questions, and both were answered by a group of marketing faculty who developed, implemented, and assessed the approach.

The first argument, supported by research cited in

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Graduate Student Teachers

Graduate Student Teachers: A Surprising Result

Given the hit-or-miss quality of graduate student training, it is not surprising there are concerns about the quality of instruction TAs provide. Students have been known to shy away from courses taught by graduate students, especially when English is a second language for those instructors.

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