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Light Student Engagement with Adobe Spark

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Light Student Engagement with Adobe Spark

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Online faculty have numerous options for creating graphic, video, and website content. But Adobe Spark stands out as a single system that can create all three types of content. Spark is really three systems in one—Spark Post for graphics, Spark Video for videos, and Spark Page for websites—and the all-in-one design has numerous advantages over using different apps for different purposes. One is ease of integration across media types. Everything the user creates is in a single library that can be drawn from for any of the media types. The user can create a graphic in Post and use it in a video without leaving the system. The user can also integrate the videos they create into a website. Additionally, because the basic functions are similar across the three apps, the user does not need to learn three very different systems. This ease of use can be especially helpful for student projects where software training is often an issue. Students need learn only one system to make nearly all types of media.

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