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Improving Learning with Infographics and Spaced Repetition

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Improving Learning with Infographics and Spaced Repetition

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Research has demonstrated that visuals improve learning for many students. Medina (2008) notes that “we learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words” (p. 1), while Dunlap and Lowenthal (2016) state that “people learn and remember more efficiently and effectively through the use of text and visuals than through text alone” (p. 1). This led me to ask whether infographics, which combine pictures and text, can improve learning for online students. To find out, I created infographics to supplement information and facilitate the spaced repetition of engagement in an online management course. Students reported that this simple addition to the course helped improve their learning.

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  1. Ashim Datta February 15, 2021

    I can see the point and it seems to follow the rules said here that visual is remembered more. Many journals are now asking for visual abstracts. Is this fundamentally different or does it have a particular advantage compared to using similar templates in PowerPoint? Thanks a lot.

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