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Engaging Students through Cases

In recent years, the education world has been focusing on ways to generate student engagement in learning. This is because of the well-established fact that people learn better when they are actively thinking about the material as they learn it rather than just hoping to

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In Defense of Boring and Other Supposed Teaching Taboos

PNC Bank recently rolled out a national ad campaign touting the virtues of boring money management. Rather than chasing after high-risk cryptocurrencies or the latest meme stock, the commercial posits that unexciting is the key to financial security. The philosophy is captured in the bank’s

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Are You Seeking Student Engagement . . . or Obedience?

Lately, my favorite days in class have been the rowdy ones. If someone asks me how my classes are going, I can say with genuine happiness, “Great! They were so rowdy today.” What I’m recalling in that moment is a picture of students completely engaged

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Don’t Knock TikTok (Yet): Lessons from Livestream Content

The rapid rise of livestream content development and consumption has been nothing short of remarkable. According to Ceci (2022), 126.7 million users in the United States viewed livestreaming content on mobile devices in 2019; the same year, 23 percent of Americans livestreamed content themselves. In

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How OER Motivate My Students and Renewed My Love of Teaching

As students, I think we all had moments when we questioned the point of certain assignments. They might’ve been simple ones—posters, diagrams, or short stories meant to be completed quickly, graded, and never discussed again. You may have even told yourself that you didn’t have

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Courage and Consistency as Keys to Student Engagement

Like so many other professors, I’ve noticed that student engagement is lower now than it was even five years ago. Students are skipping class, skipping assignments, and getting AI to do their reading and writing for them in ever-increasing numbers. When I sign in to

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Inviting Students into Your World

I spent many years managing a multimillion-dollar marketing budget for an online program and many years training faculty to be great teachers. One thing both experiences taught me is that institutions too often let marketing encroach on teaching. They do so when they create

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