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Exercises for Teaching Students about AI

“Come to class today, and you’ll fight robots,” I emailed my students before their senior seminar class in political science last year. By “robots” I meant AI bots, and the lesson would teach students about how to use AI through three different activities. The idea

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AI-Driven Quiz Creation with Quizizz

Quizizz has long been a popular app for developing and delivering quizzes to students, and like many apps, it has received major upgrades with the integration of generative AI. These upgrades save instructors time and can personalize learning for each student.

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Learning from Learners: Student Use of AI

When educators talk about AI, they seem to fall into one of two camps: one that is vehemently against the use of it in education and another that acknowledges its growing influence and agrees that the way we teach must change. I pondered my own

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AI Study Aids for Improved Learning

Many students struggle with their education due to poor study skills. They wait until the last minute to cram for an exam, when spaced repetition of the material at set intervals across a course is a much more effective learning method. Many will also just

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AI Lesson Development with Diffit

There are now AI resources to help instructors through all steps of lesson development, from crafting lesson outlines with ChatGPT to creating assessments with QuestionWell. Now Diffit has come along to provide a start-to-finish resource for creating lessons. While instructors are likely to edit the

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An AI Resource for Better Reading Comprehension

Many of us would like to assume that students who complete an assigned reading must thereby understand it. But students often get far less out of a reading than we might hope. For one, students lack the background understanding in the field that plays a

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What AI Can Teach Educators about Deep Learning

In a 2023 article published in The Hill, Sarah Eaton, an associate professor of education at the University of Calgary who primarily researches ethical issues and issues of academic integrity in higher education, called ChatGPT and similar generative AI models “the greatest creative disruptor to

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