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Need Some Teaching Advice? Let’s Ask Shakespeare

Reason 9,341 why I love being a Shakespearean? One-liners for every classroom occasion. Prepping for an exam? “The readiness is all!” Choosing essay topics? “Study what you most affect!” Student snoozing in the third row? “Sleep no more!”

Some of Shakespeare’s phrases have proven so

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Getting Past AI Fears: Student Success Demands It

Those of us who were teaching when online education arrived in the late 1990s remember how it split faculty between those who embraced its possibilities and those who dismissed it. Academic publications with an online presence were even assumed to be unreliable—a stark contrast with

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Chat GPT on Campus One Year Out: A View from the Faculty

We’ve now had ChatGPT in our lives for just over a year, but according to commentators, AI has left higher ed in ruin. Emerging from the rubble are panicked professors with a sole “assignment”—to prevent AI from sowing chaos this year. Others foresee AI instigating

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AI Tutoring Tools for Improving Learning

Higher education recognizes the importance of tutoring support to improve student success and retention. But human tutoring is costly and available only when tutors are scheduled. This is why AI tutoring is a rapidly expanding area of education. These systems provide tutoring where and when

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Practical Strategies for Excellent Classroom Discussions

Current global events, including a rise in nationalistic rhetoric, have put pressure on faculty from all disciplines to be able to facilitate discussions without disenfranchising or excluding any students. I’ve been teaching discussion-based courses for 25 years, and my own methods have evolved and grown,

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AI Feedback on Your Teaching

Many years ago my wife sat in on one of my face-to-face classes to observe my teaching. I was surprised to hear about things I did not know I was doing, such as saying OK every couple of minutes and making puzzled expressions. This showed

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Beyond Text: AI Tools for Making Images, Videos, Audio, and Study Aids

We associate artificial intelligence with text-generating systems like ChatGPT. But AI can also produce content in a variety of digital formats, including images, videos, and audio. These tools allow instructors and instructional designers to create custom content that enriches their online courses without high-level technical

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