Course-Specific Strategies

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What Is Experiential Education?

For many years, I have tried to explain what experiential education (EE) is to my colleagues. In the process, I often found myself bogged down in the technical jargon of my discipline (outdoor and adventure education) as well as the writings of thinkers such as

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Teaching Those Courses

Teaching Those Courses Students Don’t Want to Take

And there seems to be lots of them: required general education courses in content areas the student deems completely uninteresting, those with a reputation for being hard, and others that require skills students know they don’t have and feel they cannot acquire. With all that

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Supervising Interns at a Distance

Internships are widely valued by students, faculty, and employers. A well-designed internship experience can be a powerful learning opportunity, full of chances to apply knowledge and skills, work collaboratively with others, and develop career interests. As a faculty member and codirector of my department’s internship

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Teaching a Course Students Don’t Want to Take

There’s always a course students don’t want to take. Most likely it’s a required course, maybe a general education option, probably dealing with content students are convinced they don’t like (even though their exposure to it may be minimal) and requiring skills they’re certain they

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Integrating Content and Learning Strategies: An Example

It’s a 400-level Development of Sociological Theory course for majors and instructor Julie Pelton aspires not only to teach the content but to introduce students to either different styles of learning or self-regulatory and metacognitive strategies. She writes that most of the students have some

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Active Learning: Surmounting the Challenges in a Large Class

“Enabling interaction in a large class seems an insurmountable task.” That’s the observation of a group of faculty members in the math and physics department at the University of Queensland. It’s a feeling shared by many faculty committed to active learning who face classes enrolling

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