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The Teaching Professor

A cutout of a rocket taking off against a pink backdrop, illustrating the notion of "course launch"
Illustration of a touchscreen quiz
Students laughing while engaged in small group discussion—illustrating active learning
Wooden cubes with the letters W E B I N A R placed between a pen, a laptop, and earbuds atop a wooden surface.
Hand putting wooden five star shape on table.
College students laughing during a lecture
An Asian American male teacher records himself with a digital camera
Three students working on a group exam on a laptop
Female student blogging on a laptop next to a stack of library books
Close-up of a sad female student with hands clasped in front of her face
A book lies open on the keyboard of an open laptop
abstract image of brainpower
Gauge with needle pointing to "very bad," indicating poor student evaluations

How Do I Release My Students’ Natural Zest and Curiosity for Better Learning?

This 20-minute session offers multiple strategies for spurring student curiosity on a day-to-day basis as well as throughout the course. It explores surprising but practical ways to connect with students, get their feedback, and incorporate it in your teaching methodology. Watch Now »

Gauge with needle pointing to "very bad," indicating poor student evaluations
Examining the role of empathy in course design
A bored, frustrated professor looks outward toward the reader.
Online Classroom
Illustration of a touchscreen quiz


“Earning our students’ trust is demanding and difficult. It is also critically important: trust is key to the success of our class. More importantly, it is key to validating our students as human beings and working to support their continued growth and success.”