Citations in a Digital World

One of the bedrock principles of academia is not taking credit for another’s work. The way that faculty enforce that directive is by requiring citations in student research.

But formal citations, whether in APA or another format, are used almost exclusively in academic publications. Nearly all

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iorad: A Game Changer for Tutorials

As a teacher I find myself constantly making video tutorials for students, colleagues, and others. These can be steps for completing an assignment, such as posting to a Padlet board, or for processes, like setting up a Google Form. Until now, I have always used

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How to Welcome Students to an Online Class

It is best practice to open online courses with a welcome to students. The online format will be new for many students—in particular, adult students who are returning to school after a long absence—and they may be uncertain of their ability to perform in the

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Using H5P to Add Interactivity to Online Courses

One of online learning’s biggest advantages over face-to-face learning is the ability to add interactions to learning content. Learning science has shown us that interactions are necessary to retain content, and thus today the best courses integrate activities directly into their learning content. But a

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Easy Ways to Make Digital Storytelling Videos

The digital storytelling video format (sometimes called “audio slideshow”) is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, formats for delivering online lessons. By combining imagery found on the web with the creator’s narration, it integrates two sensory modalities to promote greater understanding and retention than

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How to Add Interactions to Your Videos

Retention improves when students can engage content at the time they encounter it, through questions or other interactions that move information from their immediate working memory to their long-term memory (Oakley & Sejnowski, 2018). But the modern learning management system (LMS) has not gone the

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Tablet Capture Videos for Teaching

Tablet capture is an underused format for making online teaching videos. Made famous by the Khan Academy, it involves writing on a tablet while recording voice narration and offers numerous benefits over other formats.

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The Many Uses of Canva in Teaching

We live in a world where information is often conveyed visually through infographics and the like, and while creating those graphics used to be the purview of professionals, Canva puts it within the reach of anyone. The secret is Canva’s template and drag-and-drop editing system.

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Easy Video Projects with Adobe Premiere Rush

Millions of years of human evolution have molded our minds to learn through sight and sound, as written language is a relatively new means of human communication. When trying to figure out a process we often go to YouTube first to find a video tutorial

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