The Best Screencasting Apps for Different Uses

Screencasting is a great way to make quick tutorials, give students feedback on their work, and create learning content. But screencasting apps exist with a range of functionality, which can leave instructors unsure as to which is the best for their purposes, budget, and

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Big Changes at Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a popular video-based discussion tool that has many advantages over an LMS discussion forum. For one, it arranges student postings on a single page rather than in a threaded forum. This makes it good for collecting a variety of independent responses to a

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iorad: A Game Changer for Tutorials

As a teacher I find myself constantly making video tutorials for students, colleagues, and others. These can be steps for completing an assignment, such as posting to a Padlet board, or for processes, like setting up a Google Form. Until now, I have always used

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Tablet Capture Videos for Teaching

Tablet capture is an underused format for making online teaching videos. Made famous by the Khan Academy, it involves writing on a tablet while recording voice narration and offers numerous benefits over other formats.

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What We Forget to Teach Our Students

An engineer once told me that he needed to teach himself engineering in college. By that he meant that his professors would go through sample problems in lectures, demonstrating solution processes for different examples, but that didn’t teach him the underlying thinking that they were

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