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Are We Too Jaded for Gratitude?

Hey, you. Yes, you. When was the last time you told your students, colleagues, or (gulp) administrators how thankful you were for them? Or jotted down a gratitude list as you went about your workday? 

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“How Are You Doing Today?” A Survey for Starting Each Class

Mental health concerns have emerged as a heightened concern, gaining recognition among faculty members and becoming an integral aspect of academic discussions. This shift in focus has been particularly notable in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, prompting educators to find ways to support student

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Got You Time? Clearing Mental Clutter for Growth

I have a brown wicker chair on my back porch. It is nestled in a little nook, shaded by the overhang of my roof and the foliage of Douglas firs and oaks. My neighbor’s water features, two little fountains and streams, gently murmur. One

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Project Management Tips to Reduce End-of-Term Stress

The end of a term typically brings increased stress to educators. To borrow a term used by Cross and Dillon (2023), stress often “snowballs” throughout the term and then reaches a crescendo at the end. The reasons are varied: exam grading, essay grading, submission

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