Failing Forward in Online Education: A Reflective Journey

For me, the move from in-person teaching to asynchronous online teaching took place over decades, but it still presented a challenge that threatened fundamental aspects of my identity as an educator: the dynamic exchange of energy between me and my students and the importance of

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A Better Understanding of Failure

Paul Feigenbaum’s article (2021) on failure changed how I think about it. I’ve written a lot about failure—advocating for it and what it contributes to learning—and Feigenbaum agrees: failure plays a powerful role in learning. He calls it “generative failure” and describes it as an

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When Teaching Fails

I’m wanting to explore teacher responses to students who, for many reasons, may be slow to learn what we teach, and those who, for other reasons, resist our teaching efforts. I am interested in those students and their responses, but for the moment I’d like

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Understanding Students’ Experiences of Failure

Failure is a regular column topic—specifically, the need for students and their teachers to reorient to it as an opportunity for learning. Our natural inclination makes us want to run from it. We don’t need to intentionally fail; plenty of it happens without intention, and

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