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Multitasking Enhancements and Distractions to Learning

Most instructors breathe an inner sigh when they see a roomful of students on laptops in their classroom. Students say that they are taking notes, but we know that even those who are taking notes periodically switch to texting, emailing, or other distractions during class.

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Courage and Consistency as Keys to Student Engagement

Like so many other professors, I’ve noticed that student engagement is lower now than it was even five years ago. Students are skipping class, skipping assignments, and getting AI to do their reading and writing for them in ever-increasing numbers. When I sign in to

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How Concerned Should We Be About Cell Phones in Class?

As faculty, it seems we are very concerned about cell phones in the classroom. Articles about the problem are popping up everywhere in the pedagogical literature, and they often are the “most-read” and “most-commented” articles listed on various websites. Is student use of electronic devices

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