Grading and Feedback

Rubrics: Only for Grading

Rubrics: Only for Grading?

That’s what they were first developed for (clear back in the ’70s, would you believe), and in the beginning they were used to assess written work. Now teachers are finding them useful in assessing a wide range of classroom activities and assignments: oral presentations, Web

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Getting Students to Talk about Those Disappointing Grades

Handing back graded work or posting grade results is not usually a favorite course event for teachers. There are always those students disappointed in their grades. Some simply look disappointed; others quickly switch from disappointment to anger. A few take it up with the teacher

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What Fitness Bands Can Teach Us about Classroom Assessment

A colleague of mine recently engaged with a new technology tool that has changed her life. She purchased and became a vigilant user of the fitness band. This wristband tracks her movement and sleep. Although fitness bands are cool tech tools, their “magic” is rooted

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Feed-Forward: Constructive Feedback for Future Assignments

There continues to be interest in the kind of feedback that helps students make changes that improve their work. Take something called feed-forward, for example. It’s defined as “timely and constructive feedback that feeds into the next assignment.” (p. 451) Here’s a study that assessed

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Online Quiz Formats: Do They Matter?

Use of online quizzing continues to grow. If taken online, quizzes don’t consume valuable class time. Grading occurs automatically and doesn’t consume valuable teacher time. Students get feedback immediately. The technology also offers a variety of format options. But do we know anything about how

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Grades: Either Good or Bad

What’s a “good” grade as far as students are concerned? What’s a “bad” grade? Are some grades “neutral” and cause neither disappointment nor pride? Where’s the cutoff for good grades and the starting point for bad ones? In the study referenced below, researchers solicited data

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Cumulative Finals: There’s Good Reasons to Give Them

Finals that cover all the material presented in the course are decidedly unpopular with students. They much prefer exams that include one chunk of content at a time. But there are good reasons to make finals comprehensive. Consider these results from a recent study of

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