Classroom Climate

Relationships with Students Are What Matter Most

In our experiences, we have moved from teaching face-to-face to working in front of a computer with headsets to ditching the headsets in favor of classes taught in a totally asynchronous manner. We can see the advantages and disadvantages of all formats. With each new

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More Thoughts on Plagiarism

Based on the time I’ve spent reviewing student papers, it is clear to me that most students do not relate plagiarism to anything they themselves might do when writing. It’s a classic case of “Thee, not me.” I think several factors account for this prevalent

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Promoting Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom

Teddi Fishman, director of the International Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University, advocates an instructional design/community-building approach to academic integrity rather than an adversarial approach. Her stint as a police officer informs this stance. As radar gun companies introduced improved speed enforcement tools, the

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Texting: Extent, Attitudes, Other Interesting Information

People text almost everywhere nowadays, and so it shouldn’t surprise us that students are doing it in class. In this study of almost 300 marketing majors at two different universities, 98 percent reported that they texted during class. They reported receiving just about as many

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Plagiarism: An Interesting Disconnect

Almost 800 business, engineering, education, and health services students completed a fairly typical plagiarism survey. They were asked how strongly they agreed with a statement defining plagiarism as copying text and inserting it in a paper without citing the source. They were asked how often

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Dare to Be Strict

In “Good Teaching as Vulnerable Teaching” (The Teaching Professor, December 2012), Rob Dornsife of Creighton University invites us to embrace the uncertainties teachers encounter. The article prompted me to invite colleagues also to embrace being strict when the conditions warrant it.

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Creating an Ethical Online Environment

Because successful communication is essential to learning in an online course, instructors and instructional designers need to foster a respectful, welcoming environment and to prepare for potential problems that can arise, such as cyber harassment, trolling, and flaming. In an email interview with Online Classroom,

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