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Ground Learning with Interactive Panoramas

If you’ve considered using virtual reality in your course but are daunted by the tech required, there is a simple version that requires nothing more than a smartphone and free online apps. Three-hundred-sixty-degree panorama images, the kind made famous by Google Street View, can

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The Mission to Mars Project: A Virtual Reality Learning Experience

Many institutions are experimenting with virtual reality (VR) to provide students with simulations that apply their theoretical learning to practice. We developed a VR experience, adapted from Joyner and Allen’s (2015) case study “Farming in Space? Developing a Sustainable Food Supply on Mars” and inspired

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Alternate Reality Teaching

Nearly everyone has heard of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and while these terms tend to be used in different ways, all involve creating a digital world. In VR, the user enters a wholly digital world, as in Second Life or World of

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A Virtual Reality Project for Collaborative Global Learning

Virtual reality (VR) has evolved from a technology of the future into a practical educational tool for students to interact with the world in ways previously not possible. Many K–12 and college courses use free, off-the-shelf VR apps, such as Google Expeditions and Google Earth

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Add Context to Learning with Virtual Reality

Long ago I learned that the best way to tour a city is by bike. A car isolates a tourist from a city, while a bike immerses them in it. A car is a means of racing from tourist destination to tourist destination in as

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DIY virtual reality

DIY Virtual Reality

There is a wide range of apps offering free virtual reality content for educators that can be viewed with a $10 Google Cardboard Viewer, including Google Expeditions, 360 Videos on YouTube, New York Times VR, and others. Take a look at Virtual Real for Education

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Augmented and Mixed Reality in Education

Augmented and Mixed Reality in Education

Last month we covered the many uses of virtual reality in education. This month we look at how educators are using augmented and mixed reality. While virtual reality gives the user the experience of being in some other location, such as a museum, scientific expedition,

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Virtual Reality for Education

Interest in virtual reality (VR) has exploded over the past year, with news agencies, sports teams, and gaming companies creating VR content. But its adoption in education has been hampered by confusion between two different meanings of the term. When VR first emerged a number

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