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Empowering Students with Strengths-Based Teaching

Educators play a pivotal role in shaping students’ academic journeys, and their impact in the classroom extends far beyond merely imparting knowledge or grading students’ work. Teachers’ communication in and out of the classroom has an effect on students’ self-efficacy, confidence, and resilience during challenging

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Using SMART Goal Setting to Advance Student Achievement and Confidence

Students often struggle academically due to an inability to organize their lives around achievable goals. Students beyond early adulthood may have already reached certain personal goals but now must balance their priorities, time, and resources in striving for academic goals while still maintaining structure and

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Getting Past AI Fears: Student Success Demands It

Those of us who were teaching when online education arrived in the late 1990s remember how it split faculty between those who embraced its possibilities and those who dismissed it. Academic publications with an online presence were even assumed to be unreliable—a stark contrast with

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The Future of Teaching Is Moving in Opposite Directions

Educators all want teaching to progress, but right now there are two contrary definitions of progress. I call one form of progress transactional teaching and the other transformative teaching, and they are pulling teaching in opposing directions. Let me explain what I mean.

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Uses for Nudges in Education

Many students fail in their studies not due to lack of ability but rather because of poor behaviors that undermine their learning (procrastinating, spending time on social media rather than paying attention in class, etc.). Digital communication now allows faculty to address these behaviors

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Helping Students Be Responsible

An increasing number of students seem to struggle with meeting deadlines. Some students have a challenging time following instructions or assignment directions, while other students pay little attention to when or where they will be taking their midterm or final exams.

What contributes to a student’s

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Teaching through Guided Evaluation

As faculty we tend to chalk up students’ failure on assessments to lack of effort or lack of understanding of the material. But often that failure is due instead to the gap between instruction and performance, where misunderstandings intervene to undermine performance. Guided evaluation of

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What Do We Mean by Student Success?

I hadn’t given any thought to what student success means because like other widely used descriptors, its meaning appears obvious. And then I read Weatherton and Schussle’s (2021) essay. They point out that we think we know we’re talking about but in fact success has

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