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Recipe for Engagement: Connection Strategies that Work

Connectedness and relationships are important for students’ learning experiences. But online instructors may be tempted to think it is too challenging to fully engage all of their students. How can instructors whet their students’ appetites and keep them coming back for more? In this article,

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Enhancing Student Engagement with PlayPosit

Now more than ever, teachers are turning to instructional video to supplement online instruction. However, finding tools to create interactive instructional content can be difficult. Happily, PlayPosit (formerly known as eduCanon) provides instructors with a means of adding interactions—such as questions, comments, and links to

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Escape Rooms for Increased Student Engagement

Escape rooms have become a cultural phenomenon over the past few years. Groups of people pay to be put into “locked” rooms they can escape only by solving a series of clues. But now education is starting to use escape rooms in both face-to-face and

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Using Yellowdig to Boost Online Discussion, Simplify Grading

The limitations of traditional online discussion boards are well-known. Yellowdig is an alternative that I have used to simplify grading, encourage student-driven conversations, and engage students so that they consistently participate throughout the semester. With familiar, social media-like features, Yellowdig is an LMS-integrated discussion tool

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Active Learning for Asynchronous Online Learners

Active learning improves student performance and increases enthusiasm for learning. But despite its known benefits, active learning can be challenging to implement for asynchronous online learners. The most popular active learning techniques—such as think-pair-share, audience polling, and game-based learning—center around students working together in a

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Capturing Global Perspectives During Study Abroad

A large percentage of today’s college students spend a semester or year studying abroad. The purpose of these experiences is to give students a global perspective by learning about other cultures, but often they huddle around their peers without truly immersing themselves in culture.

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