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Soft Skills: They’re Not All That Soft

Names matter. We have linguist S. I. Hayakawa to thank for making clear why: language influences how we think and act. And although it is possible to become overly sensitive to language, more often we err on the side of not recognizing its profound influence.

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Listen More, Talk Less

The academic year begins again—new courses and new collections of students in them. One of the best parts of our profession is this regular opportunity to start over, to begin with a clean slate. And what might make the courses we are about to begin

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Listening: A Skill We're Forgetting to Teach

Listening: A Skill We’re Forgetting to Teach

Listening is important—everyone agrees. Would there be any point talking if no one listened? And for most people, it’s a skill with potential for improvement. Increasingly, it’s been seen as an essential professional skill. Sandra Spartaro and Janel Bloch’s excellent article on listening references a

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