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This assignment gets students thinking about and revealing questions and issues of importance to them.

Typical homework assignments ask students to ANSWER questions.

This assignment is different. I'd like you to ASK questions.

What are you curious about?  What problems or issues are important to you?  What topics matter to you?  What questions do you wish you could answer?

Think carefully about this assignment. While there are no wrong questions, some questions are better than others. Generally, yes-no and other closed-answer questions aren't going to be as interesting to consider as issues and questions with many possibilities.

The questions you raise will help to shape the direction of our work this term.  So please, take a little time to think about questions...  Even if you think the issue has nothing to do with this course, it might.  So if you are puzzled by something, please include it.

I look forward to exploring meaningful questions with you!

Below you will find a set of questions designed to help you lead discussions for faculty groups based on the content of this workshop. Course Decision-Making Setting & Enforcing Policy Data Gathering Contract Grading Some assignments are required of all students, with students choosing the course weight.  In other areas, students may choose what to do and how much it will count.  Depending on the course and the maturity/experience level of the students involved, sometimes a range of min/max weights are specified relative to the learning value of the activity/topic.  Less flexibility is recommended in lower-level, required courses. Potential Areas of Negotiation Classroom Activities Assignment choices Assignment Features Derived from Hiller, T.B. & Hietapelto, A.B. 2001. Contract Grading: Encouraging commitment to the learning process through voice in the evaluation process. Journal of Marketing Education, 25(6): 660-684.

Adapted from Dealing with Student Behaviors that Compromise Learning. An online seminar by Magna Publications, 2015.