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Students and Reading: Round Two

I’ve found another interesting study of students and reading which dovetails nicely with the research referenced in the July 25, 2012 post. I’m thinking that as the new academic year begins and readings are being selected and assigned, it’s beneficial to keep thinking about student

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What Did We Learn about PowerPoint and Student Learning?

The recent post on PowerPoint use generated a healthy response. That’s encouraging, but blog exchanges can seem like conversations without conclusions. There is no summary, no distillation, and no set of next questions. And when there are many comments, I worry that those who respond

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Learning Isn’t Always Painless

I was looking for a quote I wanted to include in a presentation when I happened on another one that reminded me of an aspect of learning we don’t think about as regularly as we should.

“Probably the most violent and aggressive act that any

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Five Characteristics of Learner-Centered Teaching

In May I finished a second edition of my Learner-Centered Teaching book. Revising it gave me the chance to revisit my thinking about the topic and look at work done since publication of the first edition ten years ago. It is a subject about which

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Does PowerPoint Help or Hinder Learning?

I’ve had some nagging concerns about PowerPoint for some time now. I should be upfront and admit to not using it; when I taught or currently in my presentations. Perhaps that clouds my objectivity. But my worries resurfaced after reading an article in the current

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So What Did We Learn about Extra Credit?

Not everyone is in favor of offering extra credit and those who are opposed object most strongly when it’s the students who aren’t working hard or who are hoping they won’t have to work hard in order to do well are the ones asking for

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