My YouTube Teaching Playlist

It wasn’t until I described how watching Ian McKellen’s explication of Macbeth helped me recover from a lousy class session that I realized how often I turn to YouTube videos to process the ups and downs of teaching. Here are a few more of my

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Creating an OER Textbook with Artificial Intelligence

Many of us would like to have a textbook tailored to our specific course, but since publishers cannot produce individualized textbooks, we often settle for the best available choice. Sometimes, we need more than one text to meet all the learning objectives we want our

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Using Game-Based Teaching to Engage Reluctant Learners

Picture this: Days before your semester begins, your students are messaging each other about how excited they are to begin your class. Then, during the semester, they show up to every lesson curious about what they’re going to learn that day, even enthusiastic about doing

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Exploring AI Mentors

Have you activated your own AI companion yet? Not sure how to explain a certain concept in class? Having trouble coming up with a new assignment? Feeling burnt out, exhausted, creatively dry, or a loss of excitement for your job? Maybe a short spell with

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Why I Teach: A Reflection

Why do I teach? You might as well ask, “Why are you breathing?” That’s how essential teaching has been in the daily pattern of my life since 1980. And like breathing, it is hard to figure out what the mechanics of my teaching are; they

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How to Craft Prompts for AI

Crafting effective AI prompts figures to be one of the most important skills students will need in their professional lives. Instructors can prepare students for postcollegiate success by learning and teaching the basic principles of AI prompt creation.

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Teaching and Learning through Discomfort

For over a decade, I taught a course titled biomedical ethics, a subject teeming with complex moral dilemmas and deeply held convictions. The course provided an introduction to decision making within the realms of public health, medicine, and healthcare, focusing specifically on bioethical concerns. It

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Teaching Subject-Matter Thinking via Fictional Scenarios

Dan Meyer pointed out in his 2010 TED Talk that math instruction tends to leave out the most important part of real-world problems: the process of analyzing a novel situation to determine what information and formulas are needed to solve the problem. Teachers bypass this

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