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The Teaching Professor

College students laughing during a lecture
An Asian American male teacher records himself with a digital camera
Three students working on a group exam on a laptop
Female student blogging on a laptop next to a stack of library books
Close-up of a sad female student with hands clasped in front of her face
A book lies open on the keyboard of an open laptop
Gauge with needle pointing to "very bad," indicating poor student evaluations
abstract image of brainpower
Two female professors, one older and one younger, review material on a computer screen
A hardworking student in a coffee shop reflects on his learning
Diverse group of four students working on a project
Excited student pumps her fist as she takes a quiz on her phone
Students engaged in small group discussion in a lecture hall

How Do I Create a Class That Supports First-Year Students?

In this 20-minute session, viewers will learn several design-based supports for first-year students, how to facilitate in a way that builds students’ classroom skills, and how to plan and implement evaluations to continue to support students during their educational journeys. Watch Now »

unpacking the critical thinking conundrum
course design and planning
A yellow paper plane deviates from a formation of white paper planes
Online Classroom
An Asian American male teacher records himself with a digital camera


"No source is as powerful as the teacher on student outcomes like motivation, compliance, enjoyment of the class, student intentions of what they plan to do with what they learn, and their learning outcomes."