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Teaching Students the Art of the Video Essay

The rolling TV cart: a beloved icon of the educational system in the 1980s and ’90s. As students, we cheered the cart’s arrival like it was the guest star of a sitcom rolling through the door. It represented a joyous approach to learning, free from

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YouTube-Based Student Assignments

Most instructors know the value of YouTube videos for supplementing instructional material. YouTube has a wealth of instructor- and expert-created content that can vividly illustrate course concepts. But instructors can use YouTube for more than just instructional content. They can also use it as

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Easy Ways to Make Digital Storytelling Videos

The digital storytelling video format (sometimes called “audio slideshow”) is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, formats for delivering online lessons. By combining imagery found on the web with the creator’s narration, it integrates two sensory modalities to promote greater understanding and retention than

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Easy Video Projects with Adobe Premiere Rush

Millions of years of human evolution have molded our minds to learn through sight and sound, as written language is a relatively new means of human communication. When trying to figure out a process we often go to YouTube first to find a video tutorial

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