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The World of AI Resources for Education

While education circles have focused on ChatGPT, many other AI systems have emerged that offer instructors and students tools to help create teaching material and projects. We will examine these overlooked systems here. But first, let’s take a look at why AI has suddenly

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Active Learning through Video Annotations

It is now well-known that good online courses should make use of the world of free, high-quality educational videos available on nearly any topic. It is also well-known that interaction with lesson content, in which students must think about the lesson material while going

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Teaching with 360-Degree Video

Three hundred sixty–degree (360°) video provides an opportunity for students to have an immersive experience of a location they’re studying in class. Prices have dropped to a point where institutions generally have 360° cameras available for instructors to use. Students can play 360° videos

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Ground Learning with Interactive Panoramas

If you’ve considered using virtual reality in your course but are daunted by the tech required, there is a simple version that requires nothing more than a smartphone and free online apps. Three-hundred-sixty-degree panorama images, the kind made famous by Google Street View, can

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Polling Students as an Alternative to Questioning

Teachers often go into classes hoping that their questions will lead to vigorous and thoughtful discussion, but they usually leave disappointed that they only elicited a sea of blank faces.

While it can be tempting to blame the lack of response on student lethargy or lack

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Learning beyond the Classroom with WhatsApp

The learning management system (LMS) has long been the unified platform for hosting all content and activities in an online class. While it has served its purpose well, the advent of social media has exposed its limitations. Students find the multiple steps required to log

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Big Changes at Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a popular video-based discussion tool that has many advantages over an LMS discussion forum. For one, it arranges student postings on a single page rather than in a threaded forum. This makes it good for collecting a variety of independent responses to a

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Contract Cheating—and What to Do about It

Contract cheating is a relatively new phenomenon that is gaining attention in higher education because it is particularly difficult to detect. Instead of purchasing a paper from an outside source, contract cheating involves hiring someone specifically to create that work for the student. The problem

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