self-regulated learning

Teaching Self-Regulated Learning: Two Methods

Back when I was an undergraduate, students were thought to drop out of college because either they failed to take it seriously or couldn’t handle the academic rigor. But now higher education recognizes that many students fail due to lack of self-regulated learning skills. These

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Teaching Self-Regulated Learning Skills

Being able to track your learning, make adjustments, and recognize when you have learned—those are skills that make a difference, both professionally and personally. Barry Zimmerman (1986), known for his work on self-regulated learning, defines learners with those skills as being “metacognitively, motivationally, and behaviorally

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engaging online students

Designing Online Learning to Spark Intrinsic Motivation

The word “motivation” comes from a root that means “to move,” and really, motivation is about what moves us to begin something or to persist in a situation—in this case, a learning situation. Motivation is a driving force. It can be considered an external driving

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Male college student studying in library.

How to Study for the Exam

When an exam approaches, virtually all students agree they need to study and most will, albeit with varying intensity. Most will study the same way they always have—using the strategies they think work. The question students won’t ask is: How should I study for this

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female student studying in library

The Questions We Should Be Asking Our Students

How much do you know about how your students study? I’ve been asking the question a lot lately and I’d have to say most of the answers I’ve heard aren’t all that impressive. They’re more about how the faculty member thinks students study, how they

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