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Learning Something New: Always a Challenge

I’m the midst of trying to learn a knitting technique and discovering how easily I forget what I know about learning. Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences, but what I really want us to remember is how new learning experiences challenge students more intensely than they

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Informal Learning with Puzzlers

In a former job as a program director for two online master’s degrees, I was required to write a weekly blog post for students on a topic related to the program or school. These postings were designed to create a sense of attachment to the

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Building Students’ Confidence with Exemplars

We expect a lot of students as learners these days. Knowledge acquisition now means more than just receiving information. It involves students in actively constructing knowledge using what they know to make sense of the new content and its application. Learning at its best requires

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Giving the Gift of Self-Directed Learning through Cognitive Wrappers

As instructors, we want our students to be self-directed learners. We want them to be able to evaluate their submissions and think through their learning process. In fact, thinking about one’s thinking improves understanding of content and assignment submissions (Bowen, 2013). But the challenge is

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Getting Students to Take Responsibility for Learning

I’ve been writing for years that we need to teach in ways that encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning. Recently, it became clear that my thinking on this needed more detail and depth. I’ve been saying that it means students should be

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