Creating an OER Textbook with Artificial Intelligence

Many of us would like to have a textbook tailored to our specific course, but since publishers cannot produce individualized textbooks, we often settle for the best available choice. Sometimes, we need more than one text to meet all the learning objectives we want our

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How OER Motivate My Students and Renewed My Love of Teaching

As students, I think we all had moments when we questioned the point of certain assignments. They might’ve been simple ones—posters, diagrams, or short stories meant to be completed quickly, graded, and never discussed again. You may have even told yourself that you didn’t have

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A Suite of OER Tools to Try in Your Courses

Two of the most important developments in education over the past 10 years are (1) the emergence of digital tools that allow faculty to assign students new and interesting learning activities and (2) the proliferation of open educational resources (OER) to broaden access to

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Student-Generated Open Educational Resources

The use of open educational resources (OER) is growing in education as they save money for the students and facilitate instructor manipulation of the resource. Nevertheless, some teachers are reluctant to use OER because they have difficulty locating and evaluating sources or like their fundamental

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Creating Open Educational Resources with Book Sprints

Open educational resources (OER) are gaining traction as a way to address the high cost of textbooks and students’ subsequent reluctance to purchase them. But there are still relatively few OER textbooks in many subject areas, possibly due to the lack of incentive for producing

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Do-It-Yourself Open Educational Resources

Open education resources (OER) are gathering more and more interest in higher education as the high cost of textbooks has led a significant percentage of students to simply forgo textbook purchases (Reddon, 2011). OER provide a free alternative to expensive textbooks. But the number of

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A book lies open on the keyboard of an open laptop

Refresh Your Course with Open Educational Resources

Many faculty and institutions are turning to open educational resources (OER) to lower costs to students and improve instruction. While much has been written about the search, evaluation, and selection process for OERs, the need to produce a coherent and engaging design for OER delivery

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OER textbooks - faculty adoption

Getting Faculty to Adopt Open Educational Resources

It is no secret that the cost of textbooks has skyrocketed over the past years, with students spending on average around a thousand dollars a year on textbooks (Meyer, 2016). It should thus come as no surprise that the majority of students have opted out

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