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Brainstorming Problems and Their Solutions

Brainstorming is a near ubiquitous means for groups to initiate planning for a project, whether in business or in class. The assumption is that by starting with a blank slate, asking people to throw out ideas without judgement, groups will get a wider range

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Learning beyond the Classroom with WhatsApp

The learning management system (LMS) has long been the unified platform for hosting all content and activities in an online class. While it has served its purpose well, the advent of social media has exposed its limitations. Students find the multiple steps required to log

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Getting Realistic about Group Work

It’s no wonder employers highly value college grads that are already good team players (Finley, 2021), not only because the ability to collaborate is key to professional success but also because developing this skill set is no easy task. As faculty, we know this all

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Project Management Systems for Group Projects

Anyone who has used group projects in their teaching knows that they can be a double-edged sword. While they can teach valuable collaboration skills that students will need in their professional and personal lives, they can also falter when students cannot get themselves organized enough

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Fostering Collaboration on Group Projects

How do we get students to collaborate on group projects? Too often their involvement feels forced, their engagement superficial, and their interest minimal. Students do not learn content or develop collaborative skills unless they connect with the task and one another.

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A Change in Student Attitudes about Group Projects

Student attitudes about group work have been an ongoing concern of faculty. Some students don’t like group work, and those negative attitudes have the potential to compromise learning and the quality of the experience for everyone involved. For that reason, it behooves teachers to keep

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