E-books for Teaching

E-books are becoming ever more popular in education. They are cheaper for students and better for the environment than print books, saving about 9.8 million trees per year (Wahl, 2018). They satisfy ADA requirements as the text can be enlarged and read by a print

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Replace Textbook with a Free E-Book

Replace Your Expensive Textbook with a Free E-Book

I have taught undergraduate students for nearly 35 years. In the past decade, I have seen an increasing number of students who don’t buy the textbook or, if they do, rarely read it. Many of my non-native English students struggle to understand discipline-specific terminology and

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Create an Online Book for Your Courses

Tips From the Pros: Create an Online Book for Your Courses

As an instructor I am constantly seeking strategies that will allow me to deliver content to a diverse population, support student-directed learning, and facilitate ongoing communication exchange between instructor and students. It was during one of my searches that I realized the potential benefits of

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eTextbooks: Possibilities and Problems

Publishers are quickly moving into the etext business. Technology makes it possible to provide much more than written descriptions of course content. The authors of an exploration of etexts identify the positive aspects of these technology-enhanced texts: convenience, portability, and currency. But as these authors

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