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Student Expectations about Instructional Methods

Expectations shape our responses. I come to supper thinking we’re having salmon, and instead it’s chicken thighs. I’m not smiling. A student studies for the exam, feels prepared, breezes through the questions, and anticipates a good grade. If the grade ends up a C, the

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Interactive Lecturing: A Pedagogy of Engagement That Works

Lecture as a pedagogical approach has come under considerable fire in recent years. Indeed, critics have called lectures boring, obsolete, old-fashioned, overused, and even unfair, among other, less-flattering terms. The criticisms, however, have most often been leveled at one type of lecture: the full-class-session, transmission-model

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Can Students Misjudge Their Own Learning?

Imagine this scenario: students taking physics—one group with a faculty member who lectures effectively, the other with one who uses active learning extensively. In both cases what students learn is tested after the class session along with their reports of how much they think they’ve

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When Should We Lecture?

There are purists among us who would say that we should never lecture, but I don’t think that’s terribly realistic, and I’m still not ready to totally rule out lectures. As faculty, we bring expertise to learners and having an expert around when you don’t

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