Teacher Power and Humility: A Potential Interface

I sometimes come to column topics in roundabout ways. The way to this one started with a recent study of power in student-formed, leaderless, peer groups. The researchers were interested in exploring the power that group members perceived in one another. They discovered a mediating

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When Students Should Question Teacher Authority

In my previous column I addressed what makes it difficult for students to speak up in peer groups, especially to express opinions different from those that others in the group offer. As I’ve noted before, some columns continue to follow me around, and this one

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A female professor assists students working at a table in a library.

Leadership That Leads to Learning

Students look to teachers for leadership. The teacher is the person in charge—the course’s designated person in charge. That’s hardly revelatory, but how does leadership inform our practice? Do we think reflectively and critically about our roles as leaders? With a new academic year about

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