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Navigating Contentious Topics with Learner-Generated Podcasts

In our polarized political climate, fuelled by dissension, misinformation, and echo chambers, there is no shortage of contentious issues. By “contentious,” we use Zimmerman and Robertson’s (2017) definition: an issue is contentious if it is (1) debatable and inconclusive among experts and (2) deeply important

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student writing

Hidden Opportunities to Get Students Writing

Let’s never read student writing again. In fact, let’s not even talk about it.

Not because student writing is dull or unworthy of serious readers. No, let’s stop talking about student writing because it doesn’t exist—or at any rate, shouldn’t exist.

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brief writing exercises

Strategies to Engage Students in Writing to Think

We often think of writing as a reflection of finished thinking, whether it be via a term paper, final exam, or other culminating project. However, writing is also a powerful tool for thinking, to help students construct meaning and to deepen their understandings of complex

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Promoting Active Learning with Quizlet

Tips from the Pros: Promoting Active Learning with Quizlet

How best to engage students and provide opportunities for active learning is a question we find ourselves thinking about and discussing often with colleagues. Quizlet is a user-friendly, technology-based quizzing system that works well to engage students in both face-to-face and online learning environments. Instructors

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