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Beyond Syllabus Policies: What Strategies Help Students Take Responsibility for Learning?


  1. Kelleen Stine-Cheyne January 6, 2020

    I enjoyed this. I would love to see one targeting at syllabi used in the onlne environment.

    1. Jon Crylen January 8, 2020

      Kellene: We do have another 20-Minute Mentor titled “How Can I Create an Effective Syllabus for My Online Class?” The presenter is Wren Mills. It’ll likely appear as the monthly video on the Teaching Professor later this year. You can find the details for that and Magna’s other 20MMs on magnapubs.com. There are quite a few on syllabi.

  2. Cheryl Ford-Smith January 7, 2020

    Excellent information. This made me re-evaluate my class policies.

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